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Healing is rarely a solo journey!

Read on for a list of those who have supported me most in my healing journey. May they be of benefit to you in whatever season you find yourself.



Healers, Readers, Coaches & Guides
  • Pakarina Wisdom - courses and retreats from sacred medicine keepers of the Peruvian Andes

  • Pisatahua Ecolodge - plant medicine retreats and ecological reserve in the Bolivian Amazon

  • Soul Reading Method - intuitive readings and healings from graduates of Nikki Novo's program

  • Intuitive Edge Coaching - life and business coaching for artists, creatives and healers

  • Rachael Besser - Shadow, Attachment Theory and Emotional Integration coaching

  • Jessica Briggs - Akashic records readings and spiritual backpacking trips

  • Sarah Cohan - Relationship and communication coaching, host of Lit AF Relationships podcast

  • Victoria Jane - Human Design coaching, podcast, and certification

  • Marie-Pier Tremblay - confidence coaching for bookworms and nature-lovers

  • Miranda Oakley - rock climbing classes and guiding in California and Nevada

  • To Be Magnetic - manifestation workshops and podcast

Business & Creative Development

Herbalists & Plant People​

Physical & Mental Health

Animal & Veterinary Care
  • Animal Healing Arts - holistic veterinarian and acupuncturist, by phone or in person in Rohnert Park, CA

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