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Create lasting results for your clients by
tapping into the simple wisdom of the Earth...



January 3 - February 21, 2024

If you're like most of my clients...’re a super smartypants who’s making big waves in the world, breaking cycles not only in your own lineage, but also supporting others in doing the same.


You understand that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

I don’t need to explain to you how people heal b/c you f*cking get it.

Just look at those fancy, beautiful, important letters and titles and certifications in your IG bio!

Damn, you are IMPRESSIVE!



But... (yes, you knew the "but" was coming)

A lot of my clients come to me when they feel like, despite all their training, all the programs they've taken and tools they've collected, their work just isn't sticking for their clients.


Ooooof, and it HURTS!

It is really hard to be a caring, compassionate, heart-centered practitioner that really wants to make a difference in this world, who genuinely cares about your clients, and still not see the transformations you know are possible for them. 


It can make you doubt your work. It can make you doubt your training. It can make you doubt your skills.


Should you just close your business?

Should you go get /another/ certification?

What's missing!?!

I know, because I've been there
(as a client AND a practitioner)

I, too, have done alllllll the certifications, all the programs, all the coaching, h*ll, I even have a degree in Psychology, and I, too, have wondered why the h*ll my work just isn’t sticking w/ my clients.


Luckily, this is not a Taylor Swift song! You are, in fact, an über talented smartypants who knows their sh*t. It’s not your fault. You ARE good enough, and all the tools you have ARE really valuable. They don't need to be replaced, or thrown out!


The nature of capitalism and the incessant marketing hamster wheel has made its way into the healing industry. There's always another training, a new modality, a shiny object that says "go ahead and throw out your last big investment and just make a brand new one!"

But that isn't the answer either.


All of your tools are valuable and good. You are valuable and good. AND, you may just need one simple, effective piece to help make everything "click."


What's missing is...

The Earth!

Not in some esoteric imaginary way, but the real, dirt and rock, pachamama, EARTH. 

When we're in analysis (or even spirituality) oftentimes we're in the abstract, the linear, the world of story and thought and mindset.


Mind over matter. Affirmations. Positive Thinking. Manifestation. Meditation.

And all of those things can be great....but if they're the dominant thing we're working with, we rarely see those concepts translate into tangible results in the real world for our clients. 


The Earth, however, is something we can see and touch and experience!

We're of the Earth, on the Earth, in the Earth, made of the same things — imperfect, nonlinear, steeped in its own messy, non-linear wisdom.

The Earth helps us REMEMBER that we’re not doing this alone. The dominant language of healing for things like healing generational trauma focuses on the martyrdom of being the cycle breaker – but that’s not the full picture.

Earth does this all the time. It sheds and erupts and heals and grows. 

Connecting our healing to The Earth is confidence building and permission giving.


Healing is the what the Earth does every d*mn day.


Saying that the missing piece in all of our profound healing work is The Earth seems so simple that our minds, steeped as they are in Western ethos, can barely comprehend it. Surely it must be more complicated?

But sit with it. Feel it in your own body for a moment. 

Simple feels a lot like truth if you ask me.


Ground The Work

A simple, effective toolset for healing practitioners to help your clients get lasting transformational results — FAST.












Ground The Work is an 8 week practicum that teaches healing practitioners a set of integration techniques you can use right away with clients you're already working with (my proprietary healing system, the Elemental Resource Toolkit).


For ease of use and clarity of understanding, the Elemental Resource Toolkit is broken up into The Elements — Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Clouds. 


The elements are part of who we are. They are allies in our wholeness and healing (we contain our allies within our bodies so yeah, we’re never alone).


The Elements are our neighbors, our community. These tools help us learn how to ask them for & receive so much care and support, as well as how to return that care and come into right and reciprocal relationship with The Earth. 


When you learn these tools, you will have simple, practical, and tangible actions and practices to give your clients, to help them embody the healing work they're doing with you. 


By using these tools your clients will see rapid transformational shifts as they gain empowerment through developing a powerful reciprocal ally-ship with The Earth.


They'll come to experience their healing through connection to something real and bigger than themselves. Suddenly they'll find that their healing journey is not just self powered, will powered, mind over matter, but a relationship with something vast and eternal they can tap into anywhere, at any time.

These tools support and ground the work you're ALREADY doing, and you will be stunned when you see your clients start to experience shifts and transformations that have them sending you DM's asking if you're a sorcerer.

"[After working with Megan I feel] Calm, at peace, confirming I am on the right path. I have more clarity around 'my team' and how much the elements support me... "

Jumana Adler, Accelerated Business

Transformation Specialist

Imagine a moment, a few months from today...


You’re sitting with a client who has a particularly sticky problem. No matter how many times they’ve tried to solve it, it just keeps coming back. You’ve even worked on it with them in the past! But here it is, rearing its head again.

But instead of getting nervous, or worrying that maybe you just don’t have the skills to help them, you smile. You settle into yourself.

You know exactly what they need, because you know what Element your client is having difficulty with.

Your inner knowing hums as you reach for the exact simple Earth-based tool your client needs for this healing to finally stick, once and for all.

You give them the tool.

They may even look at you, skeptical for a moment, like “This can’t be it? This seems so simple?”

But you know how to reassure them to allow their mind to take a back-seat, and let the wisdom of The Earth do its thing.

Your client tries the tool, and sees instant results, where for years, there was only struggle.

They leave you a message in disbelief, but you’re not surprised. These kinds of results are commonplace for you now.

In fact, your client list has been growing by word of mouth for weeks, as, one after the other, your clients get results that feel magical. Even miraculous.


You’re finally making the money you always dreamed of, while being of meaningful service to your community. And sure, it’s validating AF to have your clients think you’re a wizard.

But the real pay off for you is seeing client after client experience the lasting transformation and relief that was the reason you got into this work in the first place.

This is the future waiting for you. And it’s not going to take 4 more years of school to achieve. Just a handful of Earth-based tools, so simple that a past version of you may have overlooked them. 

Ground The Work

A simple, effective toolset for healing practitioners to help your clients get lasting transformational results — FAST!

8 Weeks

January 3 - February 21, 2024

Wednesdays 3:00-4:30pm PT

LIVE on Zoom

Each week, a new Element will be unlocked, giving you an element overview and a set of practical tools to explore.

On our Wednesday Live Calls, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, be guided through some practical experiences using the tools, and practice using and applying them yourself.

Since this is a practitioner-level training, the goal of each module is working proficiency with the tools. You will be given practical exercises to assess your working knowledge of each Element, so you leave the training ready to use these tools IRL in your practice.

Unlike a traditional “course” designed to be consumed beginning to end, think of this as a real toolkit.

Once you understand how each tool works, and what types of challenges it works best for, you’ll know exactly which one to grab, when.

You won't use every tool with every client, because each client is unique. The more you experiment with the tools, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be grabbing them when you need them.

The training program will focus on getting you familiar with each Element and each tool, so that you can trust your own instincts on when and how to share the tools with your clients.

Your access to your tool library is lifelong, so you can always go back in, brush up on your skills, refresh your working memory, and remind yourself of what’s contained within each Element if you need it.

When you join, you’ll receive lifetime access to your
Elemental Resource Toolkit library!

"...I feel so much more clarity in the sense that I feel more grounded & less overwhelmed taking the next steps... I love knowing that I can lean on my spirit animals for support, too!"

Gigi (she/her), host of "Soul Voices Podcast"

I can almost hear what’s going on in your head right now…


If you’re anything like me & most of my practitioner clients, there’s an internal battle between your head & your wise knowing heart


I’m telling you, nature is the missing piece!!!

The Elements!

The body!

Tapping into something that’s R-E-A-L real!

“Sure, Megan, but there’s NO WAY it can be that simple! Do you even know how much I paid for that fancy life coaching program?! They told me I’d see results right away with my clients. I can’t afford to lose more time, energy, money, self trust… I feel like I’m already running on fumes here and I’m starting to think I’m just not cut out for this healing and helping path…” 

Oof, I can hear you’re frustrated. You have every right to be. And, please hear me out:


When you’re a super smarty pants, your brain is going to want to dismiss these tools as being so simple they can’t work.

I’m speaking from experience!


But here’s the thing: we’ve been taught since well before our birth to distrust our wise inner knowing, to ignore the part of us that knows exactly how and what and why we were put on this Earth. Capitalism and the patriarchy have systematically divorced us from our wild, connected, Earthly selves.


And in my 32 years of life during which I’ve faced, survived and healed from deeply painful traumas, I cannot express how much simpler and easier and more in flow my life became when I finally plugged back in to nature!


The same goes for my clients and, if I’m a betting woman, probably your clients, too.

Disconnection from nature is frequently the problem, connection back to nature is the solution. 


Our sweet brain wants it to be more complicated! Our brains always want to be the answer (lol narcissistic, or what?), but it isn’t. Not this time.

TLDR: //

Allying with the Earth will be a game changer for your clients – and yourself!

There is no better feeling than...

🌈 Getting a Voxer notification from a client saying their crush said “yes”, they got offered a raise at work w/o even asking, & feel a greater sense of connection to & confidence in themselves than ever before

🌈 Logging on to your Zoom call with a client feeling joy and infinite curiosity about how far your work will go to making a positive change in people’s lives

🌈 Consistently getting dream client feedback and building deeply healing relationships with your growing roster of long term clients

🌈 Showing your family and friends all the dreamy client feedback you’ve been getting and seeing the genuine pride in you doing the work you were born to do

🌈 What if you could cancel the autoship on half your current supplement regimen because you now have the capacity to show up for your clients without burning yourself out?

🌈 How would your life change when an hour session means 60 minutes, nothing more, nothing less, and you can finally attend that Latin Dance class you’ve been signing up for but never attending because of going over with your clients?

🌈 What would it feel like to tap into your genius and get excited every time you see a “New Client Discovery Call” notification in your Inbox?

Dream with me a little...

Can you feel it?


That’s what tapping into the Earth can do for you AND your clients!

And it doesn’t have to take years, you don’t need another complicated certification, or to “just get a regular job like the rest of society.”


You can create lasting, meaningful change for your clients, learning how with me in just 8 weeks, and in just a few months from today be on the path to saying “Sayonara!” to burnout once and for all.

Ground The Work Schedule

January 3 - February 21, 2024 (Wednesdays)

1/3/24 3-4:30pm - Welcome/Class 1

1/10/24 3-4:30pm - Class 2

1/17/24 3-4:30pm - Class 3

1/24/24 3-4:30pm - Class 4

1/31/24 3-4:30pm - Class 5

2/7/24 3-4:30pm - Class 6

2/14/24 3-4:30pm - Class 7

2/21/24 3-4:30pm - Class 8/Q&A Wrap Up

(All times are Pacific Time Zone)

There will be replays of all calls but the group energy IRL can be super supportive so try to be there live if you can!

"The unique way Megan held space without judgement really allowed for it to flow like a conversation. She was open to my questions about what she shared, so I felt seen and heard. The integration of Earth medicine was very insightful."

Anonymous, Heart-Centered Practitioner

Ground The Work is for you if...

🔲 You’re a healing or helping practitioner seeking additional tools in your already expansive toolkit

🔲 Your clients do really well in the container of your program… but then “fall off the bandwagon” for seemingly inexplicable reasons soon after

🔲 You feel like you’re currently unable to deliver your services to the best of your ability

🔲 You feel “something is missing” but you’re not quite sure what

🔲 You’re meeting an edge with your clients and wondering if it’s your scope of practice or maybe you’re just not suited to this work

🔲 You have always felt a deep-in-your-bones calling to the healing and helping profession

🔲 You’re tired of the Practitioner Hamster Wheel of certification-hopping and self doubt-infused doom-scrolling

🔲 You’re ready to make a lasting change in your approach to helping your clients so that your work can FINALLY stick

✖️ You believe “changing your mindset” is the answer to any roadblock with your clients and yourself

✖️ You are a 100% indoor cat who has zero interest in connecting with nature (no offense, some people just like temperature controlled environments!)

✖️ You already know why your clients aren’t seeing lasting results

✖️ You aren’t interested in changing your approach in your work

✖️ You feel good about throwing in the towel on your journey as a practitioner and would rather return to that corporate desk job your parents always hoped for you

✖️ You think healing work is for individuals and has nothing to do with serving communities or the world at large

✖️You’re happy with mediocre client testimonials

Ground The Work is not for you if...

I believe DEEP IN MY BONES that healers and helpers are the ones who are going to change this world for the better.


And it’s about d*mn time we started affecting the change we were born to make.


You don’t have to do this work alone!

In fact, you were born to do it with the ultimate, inherent support embedded in all of us: the Earth and all her Elements

If you’re thinking,


“I really want to join but I can just go on a nature walk and get these same results for free,”


I invite you to consider:

Will you?

Will you really create this change for you and your clients by yourself? And if you could have done it by yourself, why hasn’t it worked so far?


If disbelief in the power of something so simple is the only thing stopping you from smashing that “join now” button, consider this:


14 years of talk therapy ignoring my innate access to the Earth left me doubting my abilities as a healer and helper. When I finally stopped separating my mind from what’s real – NATURE – I saw the most profound shifts in my ability to show up for my clients, fully embrace my path as a healer, step into and claim my space as an expert in my field, and create stable, sustainable, LASTING change for myself, my clients, and, in turn, those around me.


Tapping into the wisdom of the Earth f*cking WORKS!


These kinds of shifts are 100% possible for you… and I can almost guarantee they can’t be found in another life coach training, mindset workshop, or entrepreneurial “minimind” taught by someone who has, through the conditioning we all face, forgotten what the f*ck we’re all made of. 


Now is the time.

When you join Ground The Work, in just 12 hours of live training & 1 hour of practical integration homework, you’ll learn…

✅ How to evaluate your client’s needs using my Elemental Resource Toolkit


✅ How to connect with each of the five elements so you can receive their support and blast through roadblocks with your clients and yourself


✅ What your clients actually need when you’ve hit seemingly impassable situations in your work together


✅ How to seamlessly incorporate Earth-based integration techniques into the work you’re already doing with your clients so you can finally start seeing the results you were promised in all those gorgeous trainings you’ve got under your belt


✅ What each of the Elemental Constitutions look like and how to respond when they’re out of balance


✅ How to call in IRL support so both you and your clients can finally get to the work you were born to do


Invaluable Bonuses

The bonuses in this program are worth the investment in registration all on their own!


In addition to the live 8 week supportive group practicum structure, you’ll also receive…


  • Exclusive lifetime access to my proprietary Elemental Resource Toolkit - this is a channeled work given to me by the plants to help healing and helping practitioners and it’s exactly what I use in my private Practitioner 9-1-1 sessions!

  • Scripts for leading your clients through Guided Elemental Journeys - No more guessing or coming up with a grounding technique on the spot

  • Unparalleled access to my unique set of Elemental Essences - This set of five flower and plant essence blends will help your work go deeper with your clients and they’re only available to practitioners and graduates of Ground The Work! 

  • A brave, trauma-informed, culturally responsive container led by an expert in plant spirit medicine, Psychology, western herbalism, and traditional healing techniques - Yes, I’m talking about me!

  • Community of like-minded, cycle-breaking fellow practitioners - There’s something incredibly powerful about being in a space with others who have dedicated their lives to changing the world! I promise it will change you for the better.

  • A certificate of completion just for turning your very practical and very fun homework assignment in on time - Idk about you, but I love tangible evidence of just how deep and powerful my healing arsenal for supporting my clients really is

  • And lots more!


Each of these bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars on their own!

They’re all yours to keep when you join Ground The Work.


And don’t worry:

This won’t be like all those trainings and workshops where the info went in one ear and quickly out the other. We’ll be doing this work live together so it will actually stick.


Lasting change isn’t made by the person who memorizes all the material – it’s made by people who integrate what they learn through practical action. There will be plenty of opportunities to ensure you’re not left behind so you can get out what you need to finally start doing the work you were born to do!

Commitment to Equitable Inclusivity

It is my intention to provide a trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and brave space for you to show up exactly as you are.


I believe spiritual and emotional support should be available to all people, not just those whose intersections of identity afford them the privilege of access. 


In this spirit, I offer supported pricing & payment plans for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people, teachers, students, & non-profit employees. If you do not identify with any of these categories, please reach out. I am here to support however I can.


Please email to book.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical nor licensed mental health professional and bear no liability for any information provided here nor any liability for how this information may be used by the recipient. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is not medical advice.

It is advised that anybody consult a medical professional before ingesting any herb - there may be contraindications for people taking prescription medication, those that are pregnant or might become pregnant, or with certain medical conditions. Again, this is not medical advice.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that by using the techniques and ideas this in this material that you will earn money or have a specific outcome. Results are not guaranteed as there are many factors that are out of human control that influence outcomes. As with any coaching, course or training, your results are determined by how you apply what you learn in your life. Megan Sprague LLC bears no responsibility nor liability for any and all outcomes as related to the material in this program.

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