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Practitioner 9-1-1

From roadblocks to resourced...

Healers & helpers need help too!


Our jobs are hard and many of us walk around day-in-and-day out carrying a heavy load. Even if we have stellar self-care practices, it’s a lot to be a human in the world, and have our own worries, troubles, and concerns as we hold space for our clients and communities.

If you’re a healing or helping practitioner and you’re currently finding yourself on the verge of burnout, Practitioner 9-1-1 is here for you.


Whether you’re hitting a roadblock with a client who has a particularly difficult issue and you just need to talk it through and get some additional tools to help you support them, or you’re feeling personally fatigued from carrying your client load, Practitioner 9-1-1 sessions will give you the extra boost you need to blast through these roadblocks and leave you feeling resourced AF.


The process is simple: fill out a form, book a call, and I (your fellow practitioner who f*cking gets it) will hold space for you to unburden about what’s going on, and offer you tools from my signature healing system, to facilitate immediate and lasting relief, so you can get back to that cycle-breaking work you were born to do.


Our time together might include...

  • Grounding exercise

  • Review of your answers to booking questions

  • Personalized recommendations

  • 10-20 minutes practice for in-the-moment relief

  • Time for Q&A

  • Anything else your system might be calling for

  • A follow up email from me with any applicable instructions or additional information

We will meet for up to 90 minutes on Zoom. Your booking includes a follow up email recapping our call and an optional recording.


Follow up sessions are encouraged and longer term mentorship is available! Email to discuss pricing and availability.

Returning Clients: To book a Follow-Up calls, please check our previous email communication for the booking link.


"The unique way Megan held space without judgement really allowed for it to flow like a conversation. She was open to my questions about what she shared, so I felt seen and heard. The integration of Earth medicine was very insightful."
~ Anonymous

60 minute



Remember what you're made of...

Intuitive Earth Medicine Reading

Get a boost from Mama Earth and receive intuitive guidance on your life path in this intimate, personalized reading! 


In our time together, we will deep dive on up to three questions, themes or topics of your choosing. Prior to our session, I will call forward your energy, sitting in meditation for 15-20 minutes. I will come to our session prepared to share any intuitive messages I received and offer whatever further support, healing or guidance you may need at this time.

Our time together might include...

  • Reading your seven energy centers (also knowns as chakras)

  • Connecting with your personal plant and animal spirit support

  • Personalized herbal or flower essence recommendations with an option to purchase a custom blend (pricing varies)

  • Exploring predictions, future timelines, and possibilities for your path

  • Healing or clearing of stuck or stagnant energy

  • Clues and insight into current or future life circumstances

  • Anything else your system might be calling for

We will meet for 60 minutes on Zoom. Your booking includes a follow up email recapping your unique animal medicine and flower essence support and an optional recording.


Follow up sessions are encouraged and longer term mentorship is available! Email to discuss!

30 minute



Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide(s)

Get a little help from your friends...

Ready to feel supported by our animal friends and remember your innate capacity to be your wise, bad*ss intuitive self? This is for you!


Since the dawn of humanity, people have looked to the animal world for wisdom, guidance and support. This is your chance to identify which unique animals are supporting you right now. Often, once we identify which animals are supporting us, they begin to show up even more in our times of need. Animal Medicine is how I first discovered I was intuitive and I believe animals are the ultimate mirror, reminding us of what the f*ck we're made of.

Our time together includes...

  • Live guided visualization to meet your unique animal spirit guide(s)

  • My recommendations for working with your animal spirit guide(s)

We will meet for 30 minutes on Zoom. Your booking includes a follow up email recapping your unique Animal Medicine support and an optional recording.


"[I feel] Calm, at peace, confirming I am on the right path. I have more clarity around 'my team' and how much the elements support me...Megan's style is focused and calm, ensuring I received the most out of our time together. I loved when she shared how the elements were showing up for me. It was a fun experience!"
~ Jumana Adler


"...I feel SO much more clarity in the sense that I feel more grounded & less overwhelmed taking the next steps to move out of state and officially start my new business. I love knowing that I can lean on my spirit animals for support, too!"
~ Gigi (she/her)

60 page


The essential step-by-step process...

Discover Your Unique Intuition

Tired of receiving random intuitive hits? Wishing you had a proven formula to feel more connected to your inner wisdom? Read on!

In this e-book, I outline everything you need to know about discovering your unique intuition + share how I learned to recognize and trust my own inner wisdom. 


Through straightforward journal prompts, explanations of key terms related to intuitive development, and plenty of real world, relatable examples, this guide will take you from overwhelmed, confused, and intimidated to feeling confident, self-trusting, and excited to play with your unique intuitive signature.

What you'll learn & receive...

  • Basics of intuition

  • 7 Most Common Types of Intuition (a.k.a. The Clairs)

  • Your Unique Intuitive Signature

  • My Story

  • Resources for Intuitive Development

  • Journal Prompts

  • Self Trust Exercises

  • Defining Your Relationship to Intuition

  • Key Intuitive Development Terms

  • Encouragement from Someone Who's Been There

Discover Your Unique Intuition is downloadable workbook and guide. Once purchased, you will receive a link to download your PDF.



"It feels very sweet to be seen in my progress. To be honored for my ever expanding capacity to love and care for myself. "
~ Tasha (she/her)

It is my intention to provide a trauma-informed, culturally competent, and brave space for you to show up exactly as you are.


I believe spiritual and emotional support should be available to all people, not just those whose intersections of identity afford them the privilege of access. 


In this spirit, I offer supported pricing & payment plans for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people, teachers, students, & non-profit employees. If you do not identify with any of these categories, please reach out. I am here to support however I can.


Please email to book.

Commitment to Equitable  Inclusivity

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